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5 Tips For Designing A Specialty Dish With A Caterer

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If you are hosting a large event, such as a wedding or family reunion, you will probably want to hire a professional caterer to supply the large quantities of food you will need. However, you may feel limited by the set menus that many catering companies offer, especially if you have a particular family recipe or ethnic dish that you want to serve at your event that is not commonly offered by caterers. The good news is that most caterers will work with you to provide a menu that you are happy with and can accommodate you budget and your guest list. However, if you will require a specialty dish from a caterer, there are a few steps you need to take.  Find a Caterer Experienced With Specialty Dishes or the Ethnicity of Your Specialty Dish  Most caterers have one or two specialty areas. If you want a specific dish from a less-popular cuisine, it may be difficult to find a caterer who has the exact experience that you need. However, you can usually find a caterer with similar experience. For example, if you want a Cambodian dish, you may find a caterer who specializes in other cuisines from southeast Asia rather than a caterer who specializes in French cuisine. Similarly, if you want to adapt your grandmother’s cornbread recipe to your large event, you should find a caterer who specializes in BBQ or southern food.  Order Well In Advance  Depending on the complexity of your dish, your caterer may have to make several trial dishes or order specialty ingredients. For example, if you insist on Turkish Cheese for a spinach pie rather than feta, it is likely that your caterer will have to special order it from a vendor outside of their regular network. It may take more time to arrange this and for your order to arrive, so it is imperative to order as far in advance as you can.  Give the Caterer Multiple Names of the Dish or Recipes to Work From  Even if your dish is well known, such as enchiladas, there are several ways to approach it. It is important to give your caterer a few sample recipes or pictures of what you are looking for when you place your order. If your dish is not well known, you should give your caterer both the English name of the dish and the name or names it is called by in other countries. This way they can look at several recipes and figure out an effective way to scale the dish for a large crowd while keeping the main flavors and style of the dish.  Complete a Tasting With the Caterer  Ask your caterer if they are willing to do a small sampling of the dish about a month before your event. This way, you can be sure that they have the correct dish and that you will be happy with it on the day of your event. While a specialty sampling may add more to your overall bill, it should be worth it to make sure your meal is correct.  Recognize that Substitutions Will Have to Be Made  If your dish is not well-known, it is likely that your caterer will have to make substitutions in the recipe. They might have to substitute out-of-season ingredients for fresh...

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Broken Frymaster? Protect Your Warranty By Properly Purchasing Parts & Service

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With high temperatures and constant use, it’s important to properly maintain the fryer that you use in a restaurant. Replacing parts and upgrading sections of your fryer can ensure that device operates efficiently and lasts for years to come. It’s natural to search for frymaster parts online, but there are many things to consider before tapping that “Check Out” icon. By using the following tips, you can protect your fryer warranty, properly install the parts, and keep it running for years to come. OEM Parts Because of the delicate nature found with many frymaster parts, it’s important to search for OEM parts. The term OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. This term is used for restaurant parts, computer parts, and car parts. It means that it is the official part for the device you are upgrading with. The part is made with the same materials, mold, and design as the original. By using OEM parts, you can ensure that the part will fit the same and operate correctly. OEM parts are not just available from the manufacturer. Many third-party sellers offer OEM parts and they can be purchased at discount prices while still having the OEM label on them. If you choose to purchase non-OEM parts, you warranty coverage could be automatically voided. Certified Parts Along with the OEM label, it’s important for parts to have proper certification. Frymaster and other companies often give other sellers as STAR certification to sell parts and offer service on the products. The STAR stands for “Standards Training Authorized Responsive.” This means that the seller has been trained through proper safety protocols and are authorized to handle and distribute the various parts. A STAR certification helps ensure that the seller you are buying from is legitimate. This will also help protect your warranty if you intend to get a full replacement for a faulty fryer. Fryer Model Numbers When you order parts, the best search method is by using the exact model number of your fryer. This is essential for getting the exact parts. Many parts are similar and ordering the wrong part could cause damages in your fryer. These damages may void your warranty and force you to purchase a completely new fryer. As you search with your specific model number, only the parts that fit your fryer will load. This makes it easy to browse and select the parts as needed. Service Manuals & Installation To help protect your warranty, you should download the service manual for your fryer. These manuals feature detailed step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing parts as needed. Just like the parts, it’s important to ensure you get the service manual for your exact model. The websites where you purchase parts are often the best resources for finding the service manuals. As an alternative, the STAR certified parts seller may also be certified to install and repair the fryers. This will allow you to order the parts and add on an installation service. A local repair technician can visit your restaurant and complete the repair. Along with the original warranty, a new service warranty is usually implemented. The terms and length of the warranty vary. Recalls & Warranty Coverage Before taking apart a broken fryer, it’s a good idea to check with the original manufacturer, like companies...

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