Ordering Food You Can Be Proud Of
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Ordering Food You Can Be Proud Of

As a restaurant owner, it can be easy to get busy with employees and marketing, and forget about keeping the quality of your food high. Unfortunately, if you order from the wrong food vendor, you might not end up with dishes that you can be proud of. When I opened my first place, I chose my first vendor based completely on price, which was a mistake. Instead of turning out fresh, delicious food everyday, I found myself struggling to hang onto customers. I want you to avoid making the same mistakes I did, which is why I want to teach you about the importance of food vendors.

Ordering Food You Can Be Proud Of

3 Tips For Hiring The Best Summer Restaurant Staff

Eleanor Peterson

For many restaurants, their busiest time of year is during the summer months, when people are on vacation, don't want to cook because of the heat and want to get out and enjoy the nice weather. If your restaurant falls into this category, that most likely means that you have to take on extra staff for the summertime. Here are a few ways to ensure that you hire and develop a good summer team of employees for your restaurant.

#1 Create A Training Manual

If you don't have a training manual yet for your restaurant, work with a few of your best servers and employees, and work on creating a detailed training manual that breaks down all of the different procedures and routines that new employees are going to need to learn.

Having a training manual will provide you with a checklist to go over with new trainees. It is a great way to ensure that you don't skip anything you need to cover. It also provides a way for new employees to review procedures that they have questions about. It can also help people who learn better from reading than showing to figure out how to succeed in your restaurant.

#2 Designate An On-Staff Trainer

Second, it can be natural for some of your more seasoned employees to feel that new employees should just "figure things out" or that it isn't their job to train them. If you want your new employees to get the best training possible, promote some of your best servers and workers to be part of your on-staff training team. Offer them a pay increase for the hours that they spend training new team members. Make being part of the on-staff training team something that other employees to aspire to be on. This will motivate current employees and ensure that your very best are training your new employees on what they need to do in order to succeed this summer.

#3 Use Your Connections To Find New Hires

There are lots of different populations that like to work summer jobs. College and high school students, teachers and even many people who are semi-retired like to work summer jobs. Don't put a "Hiring" or "Help Wanted" sign up in your restaurant; that often looks to patrons like you are desperate for workers.

Instead, let your servers know that you are hiring summer works and encourage them to share this information with friends. If you have an email list, let the patrons of your business know that you are looking for summer help.

Ask other serves and baristas you know at other restaurants if they want to work for your restaurant and pick up a few extra summer shifts; this is a great way to get a few very part time experienced staff on your list for the summer.

If needed, post job openings on some local job sites if you need some more applicants. You may want to over-hire a little bit, as summer employees can easily be lost and gained. For additional info, continue reading.